Photograph by Andrew Merritt


Hello, my name (if you hadn’t guessed from all the artwork) is Steve Anderson, and I’m an english guitarist/songwriter with melodic rock band, The Room; and also a long time member of progressive rock band, Grey Lady Down, and prog/jazz fusionistas, Sphere³.


‘Journeyman’ is the title of a collection of creative writing I had done way, way back whilst at art college, and this current musical project felt as though it was, in some sense, an extension of that distant starting point in personal exploration. Hence, when looking for song titles, it also then found a quite natural home with the oldest piece of music in this collection. Interestingly, this is also the piece that has possibly gone through the most transformation and evolution; from its original midi sequence (composed in a program called Voyetra Sequencer Plus, running on MS-DOS!), which was less than 5 minutes long, to the final 10 minute version now presented here.


The material for this release has been developed and refined over the last 2-3 years or so, and has come from a variety of origins – personal improvisations and sketches, studio jam sessions and other ideas from the archives going back to sometime in the mid-nineties(!)


Originally from South London, I’ve spent the last couple of decades living in and around the much more leafy Buckinghamshire.


As an artist, if I hadn’t turned to music as a creative outlet, I would have probably have ended up as a painter or illustrator – it’s just in my DNA to have to make things (and sometimes take them apart). But having been a part of a dozen or so albums with various bands over the years (more on that here), the idea of a solo album had been niggling away in the back of my head for a long time. I eventually realised that this just wasn’t ever going to take shape unless I actually sat down and did something about it, and so started collating possible ideas to see what I could construct – Et violà.


I may at some point create another page to detail my studio setup and describe the instruments and software used on this album. But in the meantime, if you have a burning question to ask, then please drop me a line.