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My debut solo album. This has been a long time coming and I’m very proud of the end result. I make no excuses for the broad range of textures it emcompasses; ambient, acoustic, rock, prog etc. – playful, experimental and hopefully even a little unpredictable. It describes something of my own musical outlook and interests, particularly in areas that don’t necessarily fit within a ‘band’ context.

The eleven instrumental tracks featured are drawn from a variety of compositional origins and include a diverse and exciting range of textures; delicate acoustic melodies, layers of quirky percussion and brooding cinematic soundscapes combine with soaring lead lines and driving rhythms.

The CD comes in a 6-panel digipack, together with a signed postcard.

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  1. Solus 0:37
  2. Coda 5:30
  3. A Glimpse of Light 3:39
  4. Hellebore 1:42
  5. Circlet 1:12
  6. Mr Mekano 6:27
  7. Descent 3:07
  8. For Nancy 2:23
  9. Glass Quartet 2:46
  10. The First Step 4:45
  11. Journeyman 10:03

All songs written, arranged and performed by Steve Anderson with the assistance of:
Drums on ‘Coda’ by Chris York;
Drums on ‘Mr Mekano’ by Jamie Fisher;
Percussion & other objects on ‘Glass Quartet’ unwittingly aided and abetted by William Burnett, Neil Durant & Jamie Fisher.

Mixed and mastered by Andy Tillison @ mblmultimedia.com.

Illustrations by Ruby Anderson.
Photograph by Andrew Merritt.


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